News Update

may 2nd

Painted Mini Commission

Expert mini painted Wilting Moon has begun the project of creating a Crimson Scales showcase diorama to match the box art. He will be painting and placing the backdrop and all eleven class miniatures. So far, he's prepared the backdrop. Here are some progress pictures:

Showcase 3.jpg
Showcase 2.jpg

More pictures will be posted as the project progresses. Wilting Moon is available for custom mini commissions and can be contacted on Reddit for more information on bringing your project to life.


Graphic wizard Testim is continuing his aesthetic makeover of the materials, and is refurbishing the class icons. Here are some examples of the previous (left) and new (right) versions of some of the class logos he's been working on.

CG Class Token.png
red-right arrow.png
Token FK.png
red-right arrow.png
fk token.png

The scenarios and classes are continuing to be tested and formatted. Stay tuned for more news in following updates!