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There are a variety of classes, scenarios, and campaign elements which were not finished by the completion of The Crimson Scales but have been in development for an extended period of time. As they near completion, we would love to hear your input on whether or not you'd be interested in seeing another package put together to extend your Crimson Scales campaign experience.

The opportunity to preorder additional content in a bulk print run would come after everyone has had the chance to receive, evaluate and begin to play the original Crimson Scales. The timeline proposed below will be adjusted based on the fulfillment dates of Crimson Scales.

Please help us by answering a short poll and survey.


Would you be interested in more content from the creators and contributors of the Crimson Scales?

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If yes, choose one:

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Additional Details

If you are interested in more content and would participate in a bulk print run for a physical copy, please answer the short survey below to help us shape this package. We will use the information collected in this poll to determine scope of project and obtain a more defined price estimate.

For each question with checkboxes, you may choose more than one option.

Optional: Enter your email address to receive emails from regarding this and future projects.

Estimated price range**


**Price range is dependent on final scope of project (how much content will be included), as well as number of preorder registrants.

Shipping & Handling: This is anticipated to weigh less than Crimson Scales, and international S&H (outside USA) should be less expensive as a result.

Estimated timeline*

February/March - April/May - June/July
          Preorders Open/Close    -    Game enters production -  Game is delivered

Which price point would meet your interest? The higher the price point, the more content, but there will be good value with every option.
Would you be interested in participating in preordering with this timeline in place?
How many more classes?
Would you be interested in miniatures for the classes?

On a scale of 1-5, what complexity level do you most enjoy for classes?

Very simpleSlightly simpleStandardSlightly complexVery complex
How many more scenarios?
What type of scenarios?

On a scale of 1-5, what complexity do you like your scenarios?

On a scale of 1-5, what complexity do you like your scenarios?Very simpleSlightly simpleStandardSlightly complexVery complexOn a scale of 1-5, what complexity do you like your scenarios?

Thank you for submitting!

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