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Class Pack Add-On


Expand on your Crimson Scales experience from the online print shop with a triple class package add-on!

Presented by outside creators GrandDukeYknits and Wilting Moon the Class Pack Add-On features three new classes complete with additional scenarios, monsters, items, events, tokens, custom condition, and more!

This package was designed separately from Crimson Scales, but is compatible with Crimson Scales and can be integrated into any Gloomhaven campaign. Just add the Personal Quests included to your available pool, and you're all set!

The entire Crimson Scales team is very familiar with the creators and materials included in this add-on and can testify to the quality and testing it has received. Artwork included is also from Alexandr Elichev.

Click the class logos below for more information on each class in the add-on package.

ruinmaw token final.png
AA token.png
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