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What's Included

The Crimson Scales is a comprehensive all-in-one custom unofficial fanmade expansion compatible with Gloomhaven, complete with a game box and the following materials.

This is not an official product of Cephalofair Games.

66 Scenarios with Separate Section Book

Complete with a feature-length campaign and storyline with extra scenarios unlocked through events, personal quests, treasure rewards and more. Includes 11 solo scenarios. Click on any of the pages below to sample the rulebook.

Crimson Scales New Scenario Book2.png
Crimson Scales Section Book3.png

100 Item Additions

100 all-new items to be discovered in various ways, including treasure chests, events, scenario rewards, and class unlocks.

Items for Website.png

11 Unique Classes

Eleven unique custom classes, each contributing a rich, thematic adventure which builds upon the lore of Gloomhaven.

Click the class icon to read more about each class.

Hollowpact Character Token1.png

11 Unique Miniatures (STL Only)

Each class will have its own custom-sculpted 3D

printable miniature STL file to print at home.

*If you are purchasing the physical product from the online print shop, miniatures are not included.

Bombard Miniature.png

New Monsters, Conditions & Overlay Tiles

Contains an all-new custom monster, various new monster ability decks, new overlay tiles and several custom conditions to add new layers of strategy and diversity to the battlefield.

Infect Token (2).png
Chill Token.png
Water Spirit Art.jpg

Stunning Artwork

Magnificent character artwork by original Gloomhaven artist Alexandr Elichev for a truly immersive experience.

Events for Website.png

120 New Events

Loaded event decks to ensure you have a new experience with each visit to and from Gloomhaven. Includes starting event decks and locked events which are added as you progress through the campaign, unlocking more classes, discovering new opportunities and meeting other custom characters on your journey.

New! Add-On

Expand your Crimson Scales adventure with a three class add-on package complete with more scenarios, monsters, and more! Separately designed by GrandDuke, Wilting Moon and Yknits. Click the picture or class icons for more information.

ruinmaw token final.png
AA token.png

Game Box with Insert

box render 2.png
box render.png
box render 3.png

See the Game!

Unboxing Videos

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Unboxing Picture Gallery

Official Unboxing Gallery

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