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Crimson Scales + Add-on: 2nd Printing Poll

Please fill out your information and answer 3 questions at the bottom of this form.

Estimated Timeline:

If there is enough demand for a second printing, preorders will open within April and close around the beginning of May.

Order will then placed with Printninja with an extended 6-8 week lead time, estimated to finish by the end of June.

Then, allow 6 weeks for shipping from China to the fulfillment centers. Estimated date for reaching fulfillment centers is the beginning of August.

Fulfillment centers will ship out all orders within 5 days. Therefore, this game would be estimated to ship mid-August.

Crimson Scales + Add-On ($119)

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more information regarding what's included + preorder FAQ.

To help consolidate costs and SKU's and enable us to organize one bulk print run, there will only be one edition of Crimson Scales printed in this second wave. Due to significant interest in the Add-On during Wave 1, this edition will include the Add-On and potentially an additional two bonus classes.

Please let us know if you would also be interested in having 2 additional bonus classes included - bringing the total to 16 classes. The cost to add two bonus classes is an additional +$14USD, which would bring the total to $133 excluding S&H/VAT.

Shipping Information

The game shipment from China will be split to two destinations: One fulfillment center in the USA, the other in EU/UK.

EU/UK Shipments: $55 Flat Rate* including VAT for EU countries.

For all other countries, shipping would be automatically calculated at checkout.

*estimate does not include bonus classes, which may raise the price slightly due to increased VAT value/weight.

Optional Miniatures & Pins Information

$74 for Crimson Scales + Add-On: 14 class miniatures ($5.29ea). +$10 USD for additional 2 bonus class miniatures

$58 for 15 enamel pins (proceeds benefit charity)

Are you interested in the 2 bonus classes?
Would you also want miniatures?
Would you also want pins?
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Crimson Scales 



What's Included?​*

  • 1 Game Box

  • 1 Rulebook and Scenario Guide Book (Spiral-bound)

  • 1 Section Book (Spiral-bound)

  • 1,030 Cards

  • 11 Class Tuckboxes and Character Mats

  • 17 Standees

  • 147 Tokens and Tiles

  • 1 Enhancement Sticker Sheet

  • 12 (Perk) Character Sheet and Party Sheet Notepads (20 pages each notepad)


*Final counts may vary. Excludes bonus classes.

Add On Components*

  • 1 Add-On Scenario Book

  • 192 Cards

  • 3 Class Tuckboxes and Character Mats

  • 36 Standees

  • 40 Tokens and Tiles

  • 3 (Perk) Character Sheet Notepads


*Final counts may vary.

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